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Laura Nechanicky-Booth is a keynote speaker passionate about helping people understand themselves and their relationships, increase productivity, and communicate with self awareness and grace.

She teaches the Enneagram as a tool to help people realize their own and their associates natural traits and instincts.

She helps businesses, corporations, and organizations foster understanding, grace, and humility within communication.


Build stronger relationships within your team by learning more about one another.

Practical Insights into Self & Others

With new insights and skills in hand, you can experience deeper connections with yourself and others.

Personal & Professional Development

Gain skills to develop yourself in both personal and professional capacities.

Ways to Connect

In-Person Speaking 
Virtual & Digital Presentations
In-Person Workshops
Virtual & Digital Workshops
From corporate events to more intimate groups, Laura offers insight into best communication practices  by helping people to better understand their personality and the personality of their peers.
Small Businesses
Large Businesses
Church Groups
Youth Organizations


  • Victory Harbin | Owner of The Social Brand

    "Laura presented to our team and it was so valuable. Not only did she help our team members understand one another better, but she brought a stronger awareness of communication, empathy and working with one another in an intentional manner. We worked with Laura months ago and the things she taught still regularly come up in team discussions - so I know it was impactful. I've seen a decrease in team frustrations and an increase in productivity as a result of our time with Laura. I'm so thankful for her work! I highly recommend that you consider working with her for your professional team."
  • Hollie Ferguson-Taylor | Hair Benders

    "We recently had Laura facilitate an Ennegram class at our salon. I highly recommend her, as she took the time to break down all the Ennegram numbers and personality’s into the details that were easy to understand. This class had unique tools to help us not only understand ourselves better but our coworkers as well, whom we spend a vast amount of time with on the daily. Understanding your Ennegrams and the way we all process information has helped not only on a personal level but a professional level as well! I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to communicate and recieve information from a new point of view and create a new spark from within to understand and grow with those around you!"
  • Holly Holloway | Owner of Holloway Event Co.

    “Laura from Infinite Clarity facilitated an in-depth Enneagram training for our small business of 6 team members -- It was FANTASTIC to say the least! Laura's understanding of the Enneagram and it's ability to empower and strengthen teams was unparalleled. She facilitated two 1.5 hour virtual team building sessions. She led each session professionally and intentionally, giving team members individual attention along the way. We gained insight on how our team's individual Enneagram traits impact our working dynamics and awareness of one another’s strengths and struggles. Having this knowledge has been priceless. Holloway Event Co highly recommends Infinite Clarity to anyone or any business-team seeking to gain self/team awareness and a thorough understanding of the Enneagram tool.”


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