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Laura Nechanicky-Booth

My name is Laura Nechanicky-Booth. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist who has helped hundreds of people — just like you — on this journey. My mission is to help committed individuals and couples restore their spark and live a rich, fulfilled life of intimate connections. I am passionate about helping couples break cycles that have been repeated for generations.

I’m here to help you break down your own walls, build better communication and embrace the courage you have inside to live your life to the fullest. We can grow closer together with ourselves and the ones we love by moving past our pain and embracing change.
I am a real, honest, compassionate person who will be on your team to coach you through your own journey. In my 15 years of practice, I have developed an approach using a combination of therapy and enneagram techniques. This combination gives you practical insights and skills for more meaningful connections. This isn’t like traditional therapy. It’s coaching designed to propel you into the future you want to create.
I myself have been through this journey. For years, I longed for meaningful relationships and connection yet somehow knew that the only person holding me back from having them was myself. I struggled with self acceptance, personal worth, perfectionism and confidence. Why was I doing the things I was doing? What exactly was holding me back?

It wasn’t until I began my own transformation towards self-freedom and inner-worth, that I really began to allow myself to live life. Giving myself permission to fully explore the real me and break down my walls. Eventually, I met my husband ballroom dancing. We have been dancing through life ever since. I truly believe that life is a journey, and the more self-aware we are, the greater the chances we have of living out our desires.
Strong relationships equal healthier families and united communities. We create a ripple effect of love, compassion and connection. Let’s get started. I can’t wait to help you gain massive clarity and get unstuck!
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