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Coaching isn't about giving you a set of “right” answers. As your coach, my goal is to support and guide you in discovering what's blocking you in your relationships, work and inner life. We'll work together to remove those blocks and build healthy skills for your future.

What that looks like will depend on you and your needs. But here's what you can expect as we get started.


Share Your Story

Having the right coach is essential for your success. That's why I always start off with a free, 30-minute consultation. I want to understand what's happening in your life right now. What challenges are you facing, and what are you looking to achieve? If we're a good fit, I'll map out a clear plan so you can see exactly how we'll do this together.


Take Your Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is designed to give you a thorough understanding of your tendencies, what motivates you and how your environment affects you. You'll take this assessment before your first session so we can use it throughout the coaching process.
Take Your Enneagram Assessment Here


Meet for Your First Session

Your first session is all about digging deeper. You'll learn more about the Enneagram, and we'll review your results together. We'll explore your story and see how the Enneagram can shed light on your strengths, goals and areas for growth. Finally, I'll give you tools to help you take your next steps.

You May Have Some Questions, Like...

What's the difference between therapy and coaching?
Coaching and therapy are very similar, but they do have their differences. That's why my programs combine therapeutic and coaching strategies — to give you the best of both worlds.

Coaching tends to focus on the present and the future. Together, you and the coach look at the challenges you're facing and the goals you hope to meet. Rather than giving you specific solutions, the coach maps out a plan for success, teaching you active skills to help you move forward. Coaching is not for those debilitated by a mental illness or in crisis.

Therapy tends to focus on the past and present. It focuses on emotional healing and learning adaptive coping strategies so you can move forward in your life. The therapist aims to help clients get in touch with their deepest feelings. You may dig into past trauma, a current crisis or a mental illness. Getting healthy now is what allows you to move forward.

My sessions combine coaching and therapeutic techniques to help you see where you are now and how to build your better future. In many ways, our work will look, feel and consist of similar concepts to therapy. However, we will spend limited time looking at the past. Clients need to have the capacity to move forward before they start working with me.
What is the Enneagram?
The Enneagram is a personality typing tool with nine core personality types. The system looks at your core fears, your motivators and how stress affects these things. It can give you surprising clarity around your blindspots, coping mechanisms and what brings joy to your heart. There's no right or wrong answers in the Enneagram assessment. It's all about gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and using that understanding to accomplish your goals.
Will you give me a diagnosis?
No, unlike therapy, coaching will not provide you with a diagnosis. You'll need to have already done some of the work to process past traumas and experiences so that our sessions can focus on building your future. This is one of the reasons why your free consultation is so important. As we talk, I'll help you assess whether coaching is really the right tool for this season of your life.
What can coaching help me work through?
My coaching is focused on how you relate to yourself and to others. I work with clients looking to:

•Work through anxiety and feelings of overwhelm
•Have deeper relationships
•Feel empowered to manage their lives, priorities and boundaries
•Understand themselves better
•Control their emotions rather than reacting on impulse
•Communicate in a way their loved ones understand
•Stop people-pleasing
•Understand their partner's needs.
What is your experience working with first responders, police and members of the military?
I've had the privilege of working with many individuals in these fields through community-based services, crisis management and private practice. These uniquely stressful jobs create a variety of challenges. If you work as a first responder or military member, you're probably used to turning off your emotions during work. You have to stay focused so you can do your job well and come home alive.

But when the workday is done, it can be hard to turn your emotions back on and connect with the people you love. You may find yourself lashing out or withdrawing completely. My goal is to help you reconnect with yourself and your family in a meaningful, healthy way.


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