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You weren’t meant to struggle in relationships. You weren’t meant to feel like a stranger to yourself. But that’s the case for so many of us, isn’t it? We do our best to live lives of connection and empowerment. Instead, we end up feeling trapped in our own broken patterns.
Coaching is all about identifying those patterns and creating a plan to overcome them.
We’ll start with the Enneagram — a powerful tool to understand yourself or your partner. But as a licensed therapist, I love to take my coaching clients even deeper.

Together, we’ll explore:

Who you are and how you relate to others
Therapeutic skills to promote deep healing and connection
My program uniquely combines the best of therapy and Enneagram coaching to help you go further than ever before. I’d love to walk with you as you build a life of clarity and connection.

Coaching may be for you if ...

You feel disconnected from your spouse
You feel anxious about what might be missing in your life
You find yourself lashing out or withdrawing emotionally
You’re a first responder worn down by on-the-job stress
You’ve lost your sense of self
You want deeper connection in all your relationships

Individual Coaching Package

Learn how to overcome anxiety, gain control of your emotions and feel empowered in your life and relationships. Individual sessions focus on your story and goals. We’ll identify your Enneagram type (if needed) and discover how your tendencies shape your thoughts, feelings and relationships. Then I’ll teach you the skills you need to move forward.

Couples Coaching Program

Everyone has struggles. In your couples sessions, I’ll teach you how to work through those struggles together and build a deeper connection. We’ll use the Enneagram to help you better understand yourselves and each other. We’ll dig into your individual needs. And I’ll teach you therapeutic skills to serve and love each other more powerfully than you thought possible.

Enneagram & Relationship Workshops/Retreats

Focusing on one topic in depth during a workshop or retreat can be an impactful time of learning, discovery, freedom, growth, and connection.
Workshops always include times of teaching, personal application and group interaction.
Connect with me about upcoming events or to discuss a customized option that fits your needs.
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